At A New U, we offer treatments for tattoo removal and spider veins. If you are looking to correct one of these issues, learn more below!


Tattoo removal is beneficial for patients who want to effectively remove unwanted permanent ink from their body. Laser therapy is used during this procedure to send bursts of laser energy into the skin and break up the ink pigment, which makes it completely disappear after treatment. Tattoo removal is minimally uncomfortable and there is little risk of side effects. Depending on the size and intensity of the tattoo, patients may need to complete several treatment sessions, which are scheduled approximately 6 weeks apart.


Spider vein injections are used to diminish the appearance of spider veins and average-sized varicose veins on the legs. During this procedure, a very fine needle is used to inject a solution directly into the vein which causes the wall of the blood vessel to collapse. The vein is then naturally absorbed into the body and the blood is redirected to healthier veins in the leg. Spider vein injections are an effective, affordable alternative to laser therapy, which can also be used to treat the same problem. Some patients may require several sessions of injections to achieve optimal results. Each session usually lasts for 30 minutes or less, and most patients experience little to no discomfort.

You can learn more about these body procedures by contacting us today! Our team will be able to help you with these insecurities and provide you with high-quality treatments.